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Saturday, February 17, 2018

About our Media, Gifts & Merchandise Store!

Your CD or merchandise could be here for our 2014/15 public release of this store!

Attention Musicians and Bands!

This is a great opportunity to sell your studio produced retail ready CDs to our exclusive audience. You will need to set aside and always have on hand at least 5 units to drop ship within 2 business days . You will need to send me units (number depends on item) to keep on hand in case you cannot fulfill an order on time. Consider this promotional service first and then a retail. I will aggressively promote your product during the distribution contract term. I am looking for acoustic, blues, christian, pop and jazz music. if it fits the NewEngland theme then all the better!

Attention Crafters and Artists!

Similar to my promotion plan for musicians above I am offering you a way to promote and sell your goods. All I ask here is for your to design your art, crafts and clothing with musician fans in mind. With a few exclusive products here, I will then upsell your other offerings you may have listed somewhere else.

All of my clients here will also receive an exclusive membership level at my advertising exchange which can be found at this offers worldwide exposure.

More information:

This is a great opportunity not only for musicians and bands but for artists, crafter's, photographers and clothing designers in our area.

You will be able to sell through our store yet drop ship the item from your home office or business.  If for some reason you cannot follow through with the shipping process within 3 days we will do it for you with the emergency inventory you supply us (unless it is a one off specialty item).

Unlike Ebay that sells anything and everything The Eccentric Musician Media & Gift store does not. We are looking for high quality product that was produced here in the New England area. Obviously our theme is based on the New England area so please keepthisin mind when submiting samples of work.

What we do not sell;

Used Items, Electronics, large Items, tools, store bought merchandise or easily accessible goods, etc.

What we are looking for;

Original media (CDs, DVD's), unique clothing, unique photography, Wall Art (paintings,watercolors) and perhaps other items of interest. No trade marked  items, copies  / duplicates),

What we will charge you for;

* 55% percent of sale on emergency shipments when you cannot drop ship.

* Normaly we take 30% of the sale so you will receive 70% of the item's net profit after sale plus reimbursement for shipping fees.

What you receive;
A listing of your item (s) on our store, marketing and advertising under our brand name though various publications, co -operative ventures and affiliates.  Direct revenue from sales to your bank account through PayPal,Payoneer debit card or via check.

A 3 month (90 day) exclusive distribution contract.  CDs & DVDs are non exclusive!
Exclusivity means we have sole rights to distribute your unique and original item for the term of the contract.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you get started on developing a name for yourself and do what you love to do and make money doing it.

Please fill in the form below to show your interest or to submit an item for review. If your submitting an item please either send me some quality pictures or make an appointment to stop by my office for a preliminary exploratory meeting/showing.

Merchandise Item Submission

Please fil this form out if you are interested in our drop ship opportunity. Remember we advertise and sell the item so you can focus on producing it and shipping it from your location.

Your Full Name*

Street Address*

City / Town*

State Prefix;*

Zip Code*

Select the type of Iitem you produce;*

If other please describe item;

Please include a picture of the item;

Drop Shipper's Contract Terms;

Please review the terms thoroughly,copy and save to a file for your files. If there is no URL/Link here to click on I am currently updating the terms or they have not yet been published. You will be sent a copy for your signature instead. Please go ahead and submit your review to get the process moving.

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