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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Free Guitar Lesson Program

Starting in April 2011 for every 7 weekly beginner guitar students I am going to offer a free lesson to a person who falls into one or more these criteria; Disabled, Mentally Challenged, Chronic Illness, Suffers from PTS and is a Vet or has Autism. This said, my studio does not have wheel chair access but I will make an effort to accommodate a in home lesson if a minimum of 10 student's per week is reached. You can use this form to nominate yourself or someone else. please respect that is my decision on who receives the program. The individual must also reasonably have a passion to learn music and the instrument.

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Please inform and ask your references to recommend you for the free lesson program. If you are nominating a person you count as one. there must be 3 references present.

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Free Lesson Program Terms and Conditions;

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Each free lesson is dependent upon your seven student sponsor's weekly attendance. To operate our studio and fund the program I need to meet these minimum requirements. In doing so I ask that you respect this term when we cannot accommodate your weekly free lesson. If you under 18 years of age you will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while on the studio premises. The studio does not have wheel chair access so other accommodations may be made to fulfill the lesson. Off campus studio lessons require 10 student sponsors rather than seven. Free lessons are all subject to our weekly schedule. Missed Free lessons cannot be made up or transferred from one day to another. It is up to the music student to call or email the studio to arrange or cancel lesson appointments. A 24 hour notice is necessary for any cancellations. Failure to do so may result in additional lessons being canceled or being taken off the free lesson program. The owner reserves the right to cancel or discontinue the program at any time.

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