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Saturday, February 17, 2018

February 17, 2018

 In memory of Jerry Newby

Mewithguitar.jpgI took lessons from Jerry starting for 7 years at age 18. I grew up singing and writing songs. When I was older I decided to take vocal lessons because I wanted to reach the high notes without strain. I believed I had a decent voice to begin with. I looked up Jerry and the lessons began. It did not take long before I realized that I had a great vocal coach. Now at 47, I've been teaching vocals for 3 years as well as guitar. I incorporate Jerry's teachings as well as my own experiences from my recording studio and live experience as a sound engineer and performer.

I kick myself for not having followed up with Jerry prior to his passing. Jerry was a great guy and an excellent teacher

Glenn Edward Peladeau - Eccentric Muscian Company

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Newby shared theatrical gifts


 WORCESTER —  When Jerry Newby headed east from the small Indiana town of Kennard, he didn't have Worcester in mind as his destination.
Excerpt from article; "With regard to her Broadway debut, she made it in the musical “The Boyfriend.” One of the other cast members of the show was Jerry Newby, who worked on Broadway in the 1950s as an actor before a form of arthritis prematurely cut short his performing career. Newby, who lives in Worcester, has stayed active with theater despite a recent illness.


He has been endeavoring to put together a touring cabaret show, and said last week that he has just started writing a musical for the first time.

When asked if she remembered Mr. Newby, Ms. Andrews responded, “Oh my gosh.” Told what he was doing, she said, “That’s amazing. Good for him. He was a good friend in those days. I think of him with great affection.”
Mr. Newby was moved to hear that she does remember him. “She does? Oh my God.” He said he plans to write Ms. Andrews a letter."

Famous People Who Once Lived in Worcester -


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