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Saturday, February 17, 2018


Updated on; 12/18/2017

Thank you, for your interest in teaching at our music lesson studio

located in Oxford, MA

Current Opportunity: Violin Teacher!

If interested please review the following and fill out the form below.

Our Music Teachers are on board as consultants for hire. Meaning that you would fill out a 1099 form for your taxes.

The lesson studio fee for teachers is 17% of each lesson.

Rates for students will be discussed during a preliminary exploratory conference with interested applicants. It is suggested that we agree upon rates which are competitive, being fair to all teachers. 

We handle;

  • Marketing/Advertising
    Assist in student communications
    Studio Mission Statements 


To establish a  great group of music educators and provide a progressive teaching method for developing students of all ages.  To provide the teaching staff with up to date tools and a positive atmosphere to the best of our ability.

To deliver to students the music education that they would expect from the best of what we have to offer in today's hi tech environments and education achievements. A schedule that is flexible to various types of students and working professionals.

Please fill out the form below to inquire and apply!

If you were looking to take  music lessons then please sign up here;  Music lesson interest form

Music Teacher Interest

Thank you for your interest in teaching at my Music Studio. Please fill this form out to the best of your ability.

First Name; *

Last Name;*


City /Town;*

Zip Code;

State Prefix; *

Email Address*

Home Phone;*

Best time to call;*

Education / Experience;

We have two different programs one for laymen teachers and one for proffesional.

Name of College;

Certificate/ Degree

Check if you have;

MA Education License

License #

Private Lesson Teacher #1;

Private No. One's Phone Number;

Years of study under private #1;

What were the best things that you've learned from this teacher?

Private Lesson Teacher #2;

Years of study under private #2;

What were the best things that you've learned from this teacher?

About You:

Please fill out this information regarding your teaching experience and philosophical teaching perspective;

Instrument #1;

Teaching Level(#1);*

Instrument #2;

Teaching Level #2;


Please fill this out with as much accuracy as possible.

You are able to submit to a CORI check?

Not right now ($)

Are you available Full ime or Part Time?*

List The Days and times you are available to work;*

When can you start? *


#1 Name;*

Years Known;*

Phone; *

#2 Name;*

Years Known;*


Optional; Attach resume here

Brief 75 words or less about your teaching style and preferences;

Preliminary Visits

The visits will be as follows;
1, Meet the owner and view studio.
2, Orintation meeting with other teachers. Database overview.
3, Meet the Teachers Day for students.

You are able to come to our office at least 3X prior to start;


Please enter the phrase above

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