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Saturday, February 17, 2018

 Welcome to our student resources page!

 Free Files For Down Load;
  Music Program:  Description:

 Free Files & Resourceful Links:



A Synopsis of the human vocal chords & dictonic sounds


  Guitar  Print blank notation sheets & Tabs Here: 

Bass notes on the fret board

From website;





 Extended Learning / Instructional Video's (Links to other sites or embedded video):
   Guitar  A how to video for "A Horse with No Name"
   Blues Jam
Blues Jam Video for soloing over or for Bass practice
   Jazz Jam
 Smooth Jazz Jam (MP3 Audio) with chords (text)

   Tools we found online:

 Guitar Tuner Online:

 Auto Chord Transposer:

 Band Name Generator:
 Set List Maker Program;
 Advice on starting band for teens: